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3 x phloq release

Koa Ni EP

Digital modular patch

Vinyl-release - compilation twelve

phloq - compilation twelve

The Instrument patch

phaedrus - specified objekts


The Improvisational patch

Oddysse - En fortolkning af en rejse

This is my portfolio - a presentation of me as an artist and entrepaneur.

On your left you can see a selection of different events, releases, projects, ect. I am resposoble for, alone or in coorporation with others.
By displaying these projects puplicly I want to present my proceedings as an artist and entrepaneur. Being an artist that mainly composes
electronic music in the non-commercial field I believe that being an entrepaneur is crucial.

Please get in contact if you want to coorporate musically, or find that I can help you in any way.
We must keep on creating !